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Sunshine Chromis Damsel

Sunshine Chromis Damsel

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Sunshine Chromis Damsel.

The Sunshine Chromis, also known as the Sunshine Fish or Olive Chromis, is found in schools throughout the tropical Western Atlantic Ocean and is a relatively peaceful Damselfish. The Sunshine Chromis makes a beautiful addition to any aquarists tank. They are yellow across the back, lavender along the middle and pearly white along the stomach.

The Sunshine Chromis is a very hardy fish found in a variety of tanks. It is commonly kept long term, in small schools, and used by beginners to learn the hobby. It may also be included in larger schools in show tanks. It is also one of the fish often selected as a tank-cycling fish. It is a peaceful fish, and adds a dramatic effect to the tank. The Sunshine Chromis will live from 8-15 years in an aquarium in water of good quality.

The Sunshine Chromis is an omnivore, and his diet should be varied and consist of meaty items, herbivore flakes, and high quality frozen preparations. Using vitamin-enriched foods may help to preserve the its color.

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