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Pukani - Dry : by the Pound

Pukani - Dry : by the Pound

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Currently, 76 pounds available for order


Pukani Dry Rock : by the Pound

You may have heard of Dry Live Rock. Its Live Rock that has been bleached by the sun and clean of all macro and living organisms. The benefit is that it has all the shape, texture and ability to create that awesome biological cycle when introduced with the right environment. Many aquarist ask us if starting with dry rock will help reduce the curing cycle while establishing the nitrifying bacteria that all saltwater systems need. Well, it has been documented that starting with just dry rock allows the aquarist a great starting place to manage the curing cycle. SeaTrade recommends combining, or seeding, the dry rock with a equal amount of live rock to create a full functioning biological filtrating system to help manage the introduction of ammonia and other toxic conditions that may reduce the health of your tank.

Please contact us if you require additional information on the curing cycle or the overall benefits of establishing a healthy tank through superior live rock products.

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